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Diabolo Act

Pranay´s Act combines tricks that feature the highest technical difficulty, creativity, speed and rythmical choreography which fascinates and excites audiences worldwide. Whether horizontally or vertically, Pranay can whirl as much as three Diabolos at the same time, around his body and in the air, making you feel as he is defying the laws of physics. It is obvious that Pranay really enjoys what he is doing and it seems that the diabolos are part of his body.

»His Diabolo Choreography was executed with magnificent ease and is sheer incredible«.
(Lauterbacher Anzeiger)

The young artist has an ability to connect to the audience without words and a charisma that allows him to reach every single person in the audience, which guarantees a breathtaking experience that you surely will not forget soon!


Pranay has the possibility to change his act to adapt to your expectations and wishes, for example by changing the choreography, costume or the music.

Book Pranay for your show production, your Corporate Gala or private event!

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